Q: How does the process work?
A: In January, we contacted Principals and teachers of schools in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota that had a 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grade. Principals were asked to disperse nomination forms to their teachers who were asked to nominate their top students.

Q: Then what happens?
A: When we receive names from teachers, Great Lakes Scholars returns applications and a letter to the teacher for each student nominated. (Previous honorees of the program may also reapply for admission to this year's program provided they still meet the program's guidelines). Students then can fill out the application. There is no charge to do so. If they would like a picture to also be included in the book, there is a $10 processing/printing fee.

Q: Are you required to put a picture in the book?
A: No, you are not required to have a picture in the book. You may simply submit your biography which is completely free. Up to 50% of the participants choose to add a picture to their biography.

Q: When will we hear from GLS if we submitted an application?
A: You should hear back from us in mid-June. We will send to you a "Proof Sheet" in which we ask you to review what we plan to print and make sure that everything is correct. At that time, you will also receive an order form should you wish to purchase merchandise. If you do not receive this, please contact our office.

Q: Do you print my child's address, phone number, or email in the book or on the Internet?
A: No, this information is provided only to us so that we may be in contact with you. Addresses, phone numbers, and emails do not appear in the book or on the Internet. Only the student's hometown and state are published.

Q: Do you sell the addresses you collect to a third party, spam lists, or other commercial entities?
A: No, Great Lakes Scholars uses this information only for its own use and does not ever sell any addresses or personal information to other organizations.

Q: How long has Great Lakes Scholars been in business?
A: We started in 1998 and have honored thousands of students since our inception. In 2003, we expanded from our original base of Michigan to include five other states that surround the Great Lakes. Our parent company, The Scholars Program, now runs programs in 18 states throughout the United States.

Q: When would I receive the book?
A: This is a long process! Publishing a high quality book takes time. Considering earlier deadlines, books probably won't arrive until November.

Q: What does the school get?
A: Each teacher receives a certificate recognizing them and their school for their participation in the program. They also receive a press release and a list of honorees that they can use to send to local media or use in school or principal newsletters, etc. recognizing their students.

Q: How do you determine that a student is really deserving?
A: Teachers are given criteria of the type of student we believe is deserving of such recognition. We believe they are the best judge of character and believe in their integrity to nominate only deserving students.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Email us at info@GreatLakesScholars.com or call 248.541.6198.

January - Schools that have students in grades 3-8 in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Minnesota are contacted and asked to nominate students.

Spring - Students who were nominated by their teachers are given an application to complete. Students return the application to Great Lakes Scholars by the appropriate deadline.

May - Participating teachers and schools are posted on the Internet.

June - A "Proof Sheet" will be mailed to students homes asking that they verify the information submitted is correct. If any changes need to be made, Proof Sheets must be returned with the changes noted. At this time, students may also order merchandise.

August - Orders that do not include a book are mailed.

August - Names of students who receive parental permission are posted on the Internet.

November - Orders that include a book are mailed.