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We've automated this section so one can SEARCH the section to find what they are trying to find. By using this function, you can have fun searching throughout the Great Lakes states to see all the schools and teachers that participated in the 2013 Great Lakes Scholars.

Below, you'll find a simple form. You can enter as much or as little information as you want. You do not need to complete the entire form. By entering as little as one category, you can start viewing all the participating teachers and schools.

Say you want to enter to see your teacher. You could enter your teacher's name and your school and see that. But what if you wanted to see everyone who participated in your city? Just type in the name of your school's city in the City box and enter your state. Up pops your entire list! In your state? You can do that too. Simply enter your state in the "state" box but leave everything else blank.(Use the two letter state abbreviation.) You'll get a huge list, but you'll see all the participating teachers and schools.

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Why can't I find my teacher or school? There are a number of reasons.

  • Are you spelling everything correctly?
  • Secondly, teachers submit their nominations to us in various ways. For instance, if you typed in "George Washington Elementary," you may not find your teacher because she submitted the nominations under "Washington Elementary." Thus, it is important to try a broad search. For instance, you could enter the city your school is located in. That would then allow you to view all of your school's entries.
  • Sometimes teachers submit a joint Nomination Form that means that we have to combine them and multiple teachers are listed where it says "First Name" or "Last Name" and thus, do not appear in a single search for them. Again, think of using a broader search to locate them such as typing in your school name or the city of your school.